26 November 2014

A Super Lovely Beach House

Blogs never disappoint when it comes to visualizing what a space could look like. I was torn on the look I wanted for our new home in Vieques. I knew I wanted simple and neutral with pops of color. This home sold me on the idea of white walls and light furniture. I found this dreamy beach retreat on SF Girl by the Bay. Hello gorgeous!!!

We used to have bed/couches just like these at our cabin in Niobrara. For sure some fun childhood memories. I want a real comfy couch in our living room but think these might be ideal for our jungle room as allow for extra guests when needed.

We are doing the wood open shelves liek this in our kitchen and I ordered a somewhat similar set of lights (in copper though) to hang.

 All the neutral colors, wood, metal, and tile are perfect. I custom ordered a dinning table much like the one above and am on the search for the perfect metal chairs that will ship to Puerto Rico.

I also really love the idea of black and white tin art. These palm trees look so cool this way and what an easy thing to do with photos I can easily take on the island.

This place without a doubt makes me want to go unwind and just enjoy the beauty of the area. Our home will have more pops of bright colors, as I feel an island home is the perfect chance for that. But I want to steal several design elements from this gem.

*All Pictures are from SF Girl By Bay.

Shed Crushing

The country shed at my parents is still very much a work in progress. I'm not afraid to admit I did NOTHING on it for several months.

However, now that I found out the fireplace actually works great (my dad hates real fires and initially claimed it was broken....) I am motivated to finish the sprucing so I can enjoy some cozy weekend nights snuggled up.

I did manage to sneak away from lives duties last weekend for a few hours of relaxation and to add a few new touches.

Next up is hanging curtains, a bit more furniture, finishing the baseboards, and some art or wood in the bedroom.

My new girl crush Sarah Schneider not only has the camper of my dreams she also has a very very perfect shed, of course stocked full of anthroplogy goodies.


Because of her I did buy that cute turquoise bar cart from Ikea.

What do you all think? Do wood to match the wall of the shed upstairs in the bedroom area as well? It looks cozy in Sarah's place (first name basis is totally normal right, I'm not a stalker or anything....).

I do wish my almost perfect shed had a bathroom - game changer that would be! Probably not all that difficult to add as there is electricty and water right nearby.

All the photos of Sarah's amazing place are from her website Love, Sarah Schneider. Follow her on instagram for all kinds of cuteness.

14 November 2014

Counting Down Until Vieques

It feels like winter is officially here. This week has been frigid and awful. I am more grateful than ever that we have this lovely getaway on the Island!
In just a few shorts weeks I will be back on the Island where the tempature is much much more pleasant, hopefully the sun is shinning, and life is easy. I CAN'T WAIT!

 So ready to be chilling on this patio with a glass of wine watching the sun set and having nothing on the agenda other than soaking up the sun.

13 November 2014

Camper Heaven

I've always dreamed of an Airstream. Right now instead I have an 80's driveable beauty. But hey it's still a camper, it runs, and it was a bargain. I am itching to fix it up but nothing really motivated me. That is until I stumped upon Sarah Schneider's amazing amazing blog and her collaboration with my fav - Anthropology. Can I please just steal this camper?

I mean the entire thing is to die for. Talk about perfection.

Love the use of tile, wallpaper, and mirros to add to the glam factors.

I even love the bathroom.

Some of this is so easy to do in my own little camper - especially now that we have an Ikea nearby and I know I could do this on the cheaper side. It may require hours at the sewing machine but it's winter now so I am fully A OK with this task.

We don't have the extra bedroom but the rest is somewhat similiar. I really really need to transform my camper into this perfect little slice of camper heaven. Don't you agree??

All pictures are from Sarah's blog Love. Sarah Schneider click here to see even more. While you are there you really should check out her full blog as her house and kiddos are sooooo cute and swoom worthy.

27 October 2014

A Weekend of Rest

Everytime I am able to escape to our land in Niobrara I can't help but feel blessed and at peace. It's so gorgeous, there is nothing around to obstruct nature's beauty, nothing to pull at my time and attention. It's the perfect chance to unwind, repriotize, and just enjoy this gorgeous place.


I mean really anywhere you can waunder around looking like a total fool in Halloween PJ pants and cowboy boots without a soul noticing seems like a win to me. The weather cooperated and we were able to enjoy long walks, ranger rides, and picnics. All very much needed for my soul after a few months of crazy.

Always hard to leave this place, especially with views and sunsets like this. I easily could have stayed one more day, or maybe a month! But it was goodbye for now Niobrara.

26 October 2014

Arbonne 14 Day Clean Eating Challenge

I recently started using Arbonne products and I love them. I know with the upcoming holidays there will be treats galore and all kinds of bad food/exercise choices being made. I have decided to participate in a 14 day Clean Eating challenge with several others starting November 3rd to help combat these poor choices. If you are interested in joining me in this challenge just shoot me a message and I can help you get an order in.

24 October 2014

Insta Snaps from Vieques

I have so many fun pretty pictures on my phone from Vieques so figure might as well throw some of them on here for all my nonInstagram friends to see.
Coqui Fire not only is your food delic, your driks refreshing, but you have one very cool funky floor.

Dinning outside on a dirt floor with a pallet table and walls may not sound appealing but this food was VERY appealing - Smoky's BBQ is a must on the island. BYOB

Fun funky stairway I passed on my daily runs.

Chicken feed is sold at the grocery store - why don't we do this in Iowa?? This would be lifechanging!

Loved this Share a coke with

Nothing but breezy lightweat dresses for me on the island

Cool old doors on the beach

I was more than happily to lazily lounge on the beach daily

Soaking up every last ray of sunlight each day was a must.