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22 May 2015

National Mall and Memorial Parks at Night

I was lucky enough to be in DC for a few days this week on a trip with the Council Bluffs Chamber to advocate for issues on behalf of my role on city council. One night dinner finished early so I laced up the running shoes and went for a run to the National Mall to stroll through the memorial parks at night.

I was so glad I took the time to do this. It truly was breathtaking at night. Soooo pretty all lite up against the night sky. If you're in DC visiting at night is a must. I am pretty certain there are even hop on hop off tours you can take.

It was the perfect way to get in extra exercise for the day and explore after a long day of successful meetings. I think I ended up with 23.000+ steps that day!

20 May 2015

My Bedroom Needs Refresh

My bedroom is in desperate need of a little pick me up. A little botox of sorts. It's not awful (well if you discount the color samples on the wall) by any means. I actually still love the bedding. It's just way too heavy for spring/summer so I have come to terms I need to use it int he fall/winter and the something lighter the other times.

 These pictures were all snapped quick when I was home and we actually had a tad bit of sun. I did zero staging obviously and it's slightly messy. Mostly just wanted a few before. I want to strip the woodwork as it's peeling in several places. I also want the walls more of a dark charcoal color. I am open to any perfect charcoal color suggestions. I like dark dramatic bedrooms.

The biggest issue is what you see here. A HUGE armoire that I love and it's pretty but it's huge, and a after the fact closet that is way useful but not pretty at all and takes up a ton of space. There is another closet in the room so tearing this out won't ruin the only storage. As useful as it is I really think I need to tear it out so back to the original room shape and move the armoire to it's location. Thoughts?

Then I could put a pretty mirrored dresser on the other side of the bed as well. More uniform and much more open feeling. I need to switch up the art arrangement some also. I like both pieces but the one is too small. Maybe move the location or make it more of a gallery style wall.

18 May 2015

Spring Front Porch

I love this front porch, for some reason I think big front porches are so inviting. Only thing better would be if I was located out in the country with no neighbors just fields and cows. Luckily it is set back far enough from the street and neighbors that it's oddly private. It was filthy though from a few years of just a quick hosing off. So I finally bit the bullet yesterday and moved everything off the porch and scrubbed away. Even the floors by hand. Now it feels fresh clean and ready for lots of summer cocktails and book reading.

Who am I kidding? I will probably sit here a handful of times at best as I do a horrible job of sitting and relaxing at home. But I do need to work on that! I don't always have to be "busy" and I also don't always have to shop or go out to relax. I could enjoy my house and my own company right?!? Maybe???

I need a more summery wreath but I love this spring one so much tempted to leave it up for the duration. I also need a better mat but haven't found a new one I love yet.

 I did stay in Friday night and enjoy a nice fancy pizza hut pizza on china and a delic glass of wine. Of course this was pre-cleaning when everything felt like layers of dust. It was still enjoyable though and fun sitting there protected from the elements as the rain crashed down outside.

The porch swing was my grandparents, the cute little rustic bench my grandpa made years ago, and the bright rug is from Mali (mission trip). Such fun memories in each special piece.

15 May 2015

Happy Friday Y'All!!

It's Friday - woohooo!! Now if the rain would just subside and the sun would shine on through all would be glorious.

It's a busy weekend of Fire graduations, parades, festivals, and hopefully some yard sprucing so we need sun not rain and gloom.

So excited it's peony season. These are my second fav blooms (after lilacs).

14 May 2015

Little White Church Version Two

Some of you may remember I talked this last fall about really really wanting to save a precious little white country church from demolition. Click here if you want to read more. You know that crazy childhood dream to get married in a country church and all.... Well sadly I did not win that battle as someone had already staked claim before I and scrapped the poor place. Heart braking really to see the shell of it in Niobrara. Now this church is free for the taking if one moves it. I will be the first to admit it is far from a dream church.

Vinyl siding, wood paneling, no cool stain glass or unique features. But it is a smallish church and could easily be moved (listen to me - probably nothing easy about it) to our land and become that perfect little white chapel in the country.

A spot for couples who want a unique country wedding or for me if that day ever miraculously happens. Do I even attempt this? Am I better off just starting from scratch and replicating an old but new chapel some day?

13 May 2015

Vieques Sunsets from Mar Azul

 We have a favorite spot on the island for watching the sunset, it is without a doubt Mar Azul in Isabel II. We have tried several other places but honestly no where compares. This place has gorgeous gorgeous views, a fun deck overlooking the water, and really reasonable priced drinks. The Pain Killer is delic and the wine is actually quite good as well. Of course there is always the local beer Medalia.

Sometimes the nature whisperer (sure there is a more authentic name for him but I can't think of what it would be) is even present working his magic trying to bring peace and harmony to the island.

You can watch the boats come in for the evening and the sky change all kinds of pretty colors.

And once the sun is fully set you still have twinkle lights and the ferry lights, and if you're lucky it Will be karaoke night...

12 May 2015

Mother's Day Celebrations

I have the most amazing mother ever. I have always felt extremely blessed to have such a loving caring supportive mom who is also my best friend. Without a doubt she means the world to me and I am lucky to have her. This year she ended up at our cabin over Mother's day with my dad to work on a few things and was going to spend the day alone without her kids. I knew this wasn't her ideal and felt she deserved to have all three of us there best case, worst case at least me. So  I drove up Saturday and surprised her with flowers and a Coach bag. It was the least I could do for everything she has done and continues to do for me. Love you MOM! Sad we didn't take a picture all weekend.
Sunday I even made a fancy Mother's day brunch with the awesome strawberry rhubarb french toast I found online and mimosas. 

Then we spent the day working in the yard and getting dirt in our nails. Something we both love. Everything from tending to this rhubarb from my grandpa's era at the cabin to mulching a good portion of our yard.


It's always so hard to pack up and leave, Sunday night was no exception. I could have went for a few more days in the country. Especially as the sky driving home looked a little intimidating.

 Lucky for my mom she got to celebrate Mother's Day twice as we also hosted a dinner for her Monday night with the whole family. Nothing fancy but a chance for us to show her we love her. My cute awesome grandpa always brings flowers when he comes to dinner. Last night it worked out perfect as I was struggling to come up with last minute arrangements for the table and in he walks with a bundle of snowballs. Thanks Grandpa!

Hope all you moms out there had one amazing blessed day celebrating. You deserve more than just a day without a doubt.

07 May 2015

Spring and my Obsession with Flowers

Spring comes and is always such a welcome sight after a long dreary winter. The minute the plant stands pop up I am always drawn in and inevitably by at least a few spring blooms. I just can't resist!

It also becomes so much easier to motivate myself to wake up a little earlier in the morning or carve out a bit of time each evening for an outdoor run or walk. Everything just looks so pretty this time of year as the grass starts to green and all the tress bloom.


Even downtown Omaha and its plethora  of cement, high rises, and cars becomes gorgeous and enticing for noon walks.

Before you know it I have become a crazy obssessed garderner braving plant sales in the rain, and never able to asist "just one or two" plants as I run an errand. Even Tracor Supply the farm store had plants that I just had to buy.... It's bad I tell ya!


But so worth it as the post start to fill with color, the yard looks fuller and lusher, and eating outside becomes the norm. This is such a beautiful time of year and makes living in the Midwest sooooo worth it. Can't wait to enjoy every last minute of spring with lots of patio dining and bonfires.

 I blame my mom and grandpa for this crazy addiction to flowers and plants. They both have always had a love for all things green and growing. My mom has a gorgeous yard that is acres of landscaping, gardens, you name it. At least I have a smaller lot so can keep things slightly under control. I may need a third job just to pay for all the pretties I can't seem to resist though!