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06 May 2015

Running the Island

 If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times I absolutely LOVE running in Vieques. It is just so gorgeous there, it's always a challenge, and it's a great way to make me feel less guilty about the cocktails that are sure to be consumed throughout the day.

I have a favorite route where I run through Isabel II towards the ferry and then to Bravos area ending at La Chata beach for a few moments of solidarity and unwinding before heading back.

 Most runs happen in the morning when the weather is perfect, but occasionaly I sneak in a sunset run as well. Regardless I am never disappointed and always finish feeling revived.

You always get gorgeous views of the water for if not all of the run at least a good portion, you get to see the town in an entirely different light, you see homes you would otherwise probably miss, whifs of the pretty flowers,  and of course you hang out with the horses.


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Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog because I am moving to Vieques for the winter season. I grew up in Iowa, so I love that you are from Nebraska and appreciate the country charms! Pics are gorgeous- you've got a great eye, and I hope to run on Vieques when I get there in a few weeks!