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26 May 2015

Boys Birthday Weekend at the Cabin

We went to the cabin with high hopes of birthday celebrations and a huge bonfire. The weather just didn't play along and rained most of the weekend. Who would think late May would require warm clothes and lots of fires? We still had a great time though even if we didn't get the collasal bonfire in this round.

All the rain is making everything look so lush and vibrant. For that I will not complain.

The camper got a good solid spring cleaning for guests. Need to go on a little road trip soon with the ol Rambler.

Grand plans were in place for a delic picnic, mother nature didn't cooperate so we picniced indoors by a fire. Just as delic.

New art was hung in the dinning room.

We hit up the small towns as a family with friends to celebrate both brother's birthdays. Happy Birthday Boys! Sadly my dad was stuck out of town :(

We eventually had a break in the rain long enough for a little yard work. Funny enough I found a shirt from several years ago when a good portion of Niobrara was sadly underwater.

Baths always need bubbles, candles, a good book, and occasionaly a beer.

I was a good sport and played cards one night even though not my thing, luckily I won so guess that at least makes it slightly less painful.

My  mom made gorgeous professional looking arrangements out of flowers my grandpa and I brought from our yards. They smelled as good as they looked!

Even in the slightly cold misty weather we still enjoyed time at the land just unwinding.

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