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29 May 2015

A Couple Great DC Dinning Recommendations

I am far from an expert as there are soooo many wonderful options for dinning in DC but was super impressed with both of these places. We dinned at Nora the first evening there and I was blown away by the drinks and the food. All super fresh and all delic. The atmosphere and neighborhood are cute also.

A friend recommended Ted's Bulletin and the moment I realized they had homemade pop tarts I was sold. I sadly didn't take the time to sit and eat as had ran there and "ran out of time" funny enough. It was further than I realized but figured all that exercise at least negated the calories of the pop tarts and snowballs. Both were delic! The menu looks great.

Oh yeah and a drink or two at the cool bar at the Willard Hotel is a must. This is the hotel where the term Lobbying was coined. Gorgeous hotel, great cocktails, but you are for sure paying for the ambiance.

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