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12 May 2015

Mother's Day Celebrations

I have the most amazing mother ever. I have always felt extremely blessed to have such a loving caring supportive mom who is also my best friend. Without a doubt she means the world to me and I am lucky to have her. This year she ended up at our cabin over Mother's day with my dad to work on a few things and was going to spend the day alone without her kids. I knew this wasn't her ideal and felt she deserved to have all three of us there best case, worst case at least me. So  I drove up Saturday and surprised her with flowers and a Coach bag. It was the least I could do for everything she has done and continues to do for me. Love you MOM! Sad we didn't take a picture all weekend.
Sunday I even made a fancy Mother's day brunch with the awesome strawberry rhubarb french toast I found online and mimosas. 

Then we spent the day working in the yard and getting dirt in our nails. Something we both love. Everything from tending to this rhubarb from my grandpa's era at the cabin to mulching a good portion of our yard.


It's always so hard to pack up and leave, Sunday night was no exception. I could have went for a few more days in the country. Especially as the sky driving home looked a little intimidating.

 Lucky for my mom she got to celebrate Mother's Day twice as we also hosted a dinner for her Monday night with the whole family. Nothing fancy but a chance for us to show her we love her. My cute awesome grandpa always brings flowers when he comes to dinner. Last night it worked out perfect as I was struggling to come up with last minute arrangements for the table and in he walks with a bundle of snowballs. Thanks Grandpa!

Hope all you moms out there had one amazing blessed day celebrating. You deserve more than just a day without a doubt.

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