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13 May 2015

Vieques Sunsets from Mar Azul

 We have a favorite spot on the island for watching the sunset, it is without a doubt Mar Azul in Isabel II. We have tried several other places but honestly no where compares. This place has gorgeous gorgeous views, a fun deck overlooking the water, and really reasonable priced drinks. The Pain Killer is delic and the wine is actually quite good as well. Of course there is always the local beer Medalia.

Sometimes the nature whisperer (sure there is a more authentic name for him but I can't think of what it would be) is even present working his magic trying to bring peace and harmony to the island.

You can watch the boats come in for the evening and the sky change all kinds of pretty colors.

And once the sun is fully set you still have twinkle lights and the ferry lights, and if you're lucky it Will be karaoke night...

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