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20 May 2015

My Bedroom Needs Refresh

My bedroom is in desperate need of a little pick me up. A little botox of sorts. It's not awful (well if you discount the color samples on the wall) by any means. I actually still love the bedding. It's just way too heavy for spring/summer so I have come to terms I need to use it int he fall/winter and the something lighter the other times.

 These pictures were all snapped quick when I was home and we actually had a tad bit of sun. I did zero staging obviously and it's slightly messy. Mostly just wanted a few before. I want to strip the woodwork as it's peeling in several places. I also want the walls more of a dark charcoal color. I am open to any perfect charcoal color suggestions. I like dark dramatic bedrooms.

The biggest issue is what you see here. A HUGE armoire that I love and it's pretty but it's huge, and a after the fact closet that is way useful but not pretty at all and takes up a ton of space. There is another closet in the room so tearing this out won't ruin the only storage. As useful as it is I really think I need to tear it out so back to the original room shape and move the armoire to it's location. Thoughts?

Then I could put a pretty mirrored dresser on the other side of the bed as well. More uniform and much more open feeling. I need to switch up the art arrangement some also. I like both pieces but the one is too small. Maybe move the location or make it more of a gallery style wall.

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