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14 May 2015

Little White Church Version Two

Some of you may remember I talked this last fall about really really wanting to save a precious little white country church from demolition. Click here if you want to read more. You know that crazy childhood dream to get married in a country church and all.... Well sadly I did not win that battle as someone had already staked claim before I and scrapped the poor place. Heart braking really to see the shell of it in Niobrara. Now this church is free for the taking if one moves it. I will be the first to admit it is far from a dream church.

Vinyl siding, wood paneling, no cool stain glass or unique features. But it is a smallish church and could easily be moved (listen to me - probably nothing easy about it) to our land and become that perfect little white chapel in the country.

A spot for couples who want a unique country wedding or for me if that day ever miraculously happens. Do I even attempt this? Am I better off just starting from scratch and replicating an old but new chapel some day?

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