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07 May 2015

Spring and my Obsession with Flowers

Spring comes and is always such a welcome sight after a long dreary winter. The minute the plant stands pop up I am always drawn in and inevitably by at least a few spring blooms. I just can't resist!

It also becomes so much easier to motivate myself to wake up a little earlier in the morning or carve out a bit of time each evening for an outdoor run or walk. Everything just looks so pretty this time of year as the grass starts to green and all the tress bloom.


Even downtown Omaha and its plethora  of cement, high rises, and cars becomes gorgeous and enticing for noon walks.

Before you know it I have become a crazy obssessed garderner braving plant sales in the rain, and never able to asist "just one or two" plants as I run an errand. Even Tracor Supply the farm store had plants that I just had to buy.... It's bad I tell ya!


But so worth it as the post start to fill with color, the yard looks fuller and lusher, and eating outside becomes the norm. This is such a beautiful time of year and makes living in the Midwest sooooo worth it. Can't wait to enjoy every last minute of spring with lots of patio dining and bonfires.

 I blame my mom and grandpa for this crazy addiction to flowers and plants. They both have always had a love for all things green and growing. My mom has a gorgeous yard that is acres of landscaping, gardens, you name it. At least I have a smaller lot so can keep things slightly under control. I may need a third job just to pay for all the pretties I can't seem to resist though!

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