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18 May 2015

Spring Front Porch

I love this front porch, for some reason I think big front porches are so inviting. Only thing better would be if I was located out in the country with no neighbors just fields and cows. Luckily it is set back far enough from the street and neighbors that it's oddly private. It was filthy though from a few years of just a quick hosing off. So I finally bit the bullet yesterday and moved everything off the porch and scrubbed away. Even the floors by hand. Now it feels fresh clean and ready for lots of summer cocktails and book reading.

Who am I kidding? I will probably sit here a handful of times at best as I do a horrible job of sitting and relaxing at home. But I do need to work on that! I don't always have to be "busy" and I also don't always have to shop or go out to relax. I could enjoy my house and my own company right?!? Maybe???

I need a more summery wreath but I love this spring one so much tempted to leave it up for the duration. I also need a better mat but haven't found a new one I love yet.

 I did stay in Friday night and enjoy a nice fancy pizza hut pizza on china and a delic glass of wine. Of course this was pre-cleaning when everything felt like layers of dust. It was still enjoyable though and fun sitting there protected from the elements as the rain crashed down outside.

The porch swing was my grandparents, the cute little rustic bench my grandpa made years ago, and the bright rug is from Mali (mission trip). Such fun memories in each special piece.

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