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02 June 2015

Benash Family Reunion 2015

Last weekend was our annual Benash Family Reunion at Platte River State Park. Always a great chance to see family and enjoy a little nature fun. This year flew by it seems.

Saturday started off misty and cold but I laced up the bright tennis anyway and went out on a trail run. Hate to miss an opportunity to run in such a pretty place.


 Lots of fun with family, even though I unfortunately only took a few family photos. No clue why.

Super cute cabins with bunk beds and peonies for color. I always think these cabins are truly the perfect size.

Field trips to the local winery

 New Hunter boots perfect for the misty chilly start each morning

 And more trail running and exploring. The sun came out the last morning and I so wished we could stay another day!

Super healthy breakfast of rolls, chocolate milk, and diet coke... Don't judge at least I ran first right?

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