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28 June 2015

CWS 2015 - Viriginia Wins!!

CWS is something we look forward to every year as a family. It's great family time and friend time. For the last five years our friends from Niobrara have come to town for the first weekend.

And the rest of the week we host various friends at our tailgates.


Just a great time to socialize, enjoy baseball, and all the fun activities.

Every year I also get to take Grandpa to the UP Homeplate. Such a special event we both look forward to. I love hearing him tell stories from when he worked at the railroad and how things used to be.

This year was extra exciting as the team we were rooting for won - Virginia! For those who always ask why Viriginia. The coach, Brian O'Connor, is from Council Bluffs and comes from an amazing family.

Can't wait for 2016! Well maybe I can, my body needs a break!

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