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30 April 2015

Grandpa's Lilacs

I am soooo lucky to have the opportunity to make my grandparents home (my mother's home) my own. It is so chock full of memories that could never be recreated. I actually cried last summer when I thought for a few days it was time to move on to someplace new. Silly I know.

One huge benefit of this home is a huge lilac tree in the backyard - that luckily multiplies some with replanting - that was pride and joy of my grandpa. Now every spring I am reminded of him and his love for all things gardening/flowering. I look forward to picking this fragrant blooms and enjoying them throughout the home and sharing with others. Even cuter is my other grandpa now brings me lilacs from his yard when he comes to visits.


Before I know it the peonies will be in bloom and another gorgeous sweet smelling reminder of my Grandpa VanEvery.

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