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17 April 2015

Starfish Beach

Another must find beach on my list this trip was the Starfish Beach. Again the cool instagram photos were killing me with desire to fnid this beach. 100's of starfish, seaturtles, and more?? Yes please! We had tried to find it last trip but must have been the wrong time of year or we just didn't look hard enough as sure enough the minute we pulled up to the beach by the pier we saw 100's of starfish in the water. SOOOOO pretty and cool. We loved snorkeling around checking them all out.

There were also a lot of really realy pretty fish by the pier. Sadly we didn't see any sea turtles but now thinking maybe we should have swam further out? Either way this is a must visit beach if you are on the island. It's the beach to the left of the old navy pier. Driving out onto the pier is fun as well and another great viewing spot for fish.

I even managed to capture a fun picture of Erik enjoying the day with a Medalla. The beer that always taste delic on the island but we would probably turn our noses up to here. lol.

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