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22 April 2015

Easter Flights and Cape Air

In the interest of not paying a small fortune for airline tickets (due to schedule issues) we ended up traveling on Easter this year to Vieques. Obviously not ideal but we made the most of it starting with Easter Bunny headbands - that I more or less wore all day. And fun Easter cocktails and treats throughout the day.

We have been flying Cape Air from San Juan to Vieques the last several trips. I can't say enough how amazing it is. Truly life changing as far as the trip goes. The ferry is cheaper yes - but such a time killer and rough on those of us like myself who don't do well with motion....

San Juan


Cape Air has lots of flights and its a mere 25 mintues of fun before you arrive ont he island. The views you get to enjoy while en route are to die for. Such pretty pretty views of both San Juan and Vieques along with the water. All the pilots are always super friendly and nice and luggage restrictions are essentially the same as your main airlines so nothing to be concerned about.


San Juan
My poor mom is even more claustophobic than I so struggeld a little with the extra small plane we ended up on the last flight but for the most part the planes are large enough and with plenty of windows to be more fun less stuck in a tin box with no means of escape.
San Juan

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