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16 April 2015

Black Sand Beach Vieques

I had always heard (and saw via instagram cool photos) about this neat black sand beach in Vieques but had never managed to find it. This trip I was on a mission to find the black sand and the starfish ( coming in another post) and luckily found both! Soooo pretty and unique. We were told it was quite a treacherous hike to the beach but it truly wasn't bad at all, made even easier with a medalla of course ;)

The black sand was so darn and fine and pretty. I took about a million pictures of it.

I also loved the pretty cliffs surrounding the beach itself. We enjoyed a little swimming (more wading here as was somewhat rough) and a nice picnic before heading back.


Erik even managed to pick up a friend along the way....

If you visit the island this beach is a must see and way way easier to find than I realized.

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