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25 April 2015

Gambler Half Marathon 2015

The poor Gambler must have some curse on it as every single year the weather is horrible. This year was no exception. My view as I gave myself a pep talk to get out and go running was this:
Not exactly ideal for a 13+ mile run. Especially a run I was highly highly unprepared for. As in my longest run was 6 miles, and a majority of my runs were of the 2-4 mile variety. But I really wanted to participate to support this great event in my community and figured it can't be that bad....
As you can see from my face it probably was that bad and then some lol. I actually wasn't all that sore or in pain running other than I unfortunatly got a cramp in my calf around mile 4 that stuck around the remainder of the run. Mostly I was just misereable wet and cold. The rain would not let up and it was cold and windy. Bad combo for a girl that hates rain and cold. The highlight of the race was seeing my mom and little brother twice. They graciously volunteered at a water stop (that we passed twice) and cheered me on. They were just as misereable in the rain I am sure.


I was crazy happy to finish and get out of the rain. Somehow my Garmin VivoSmart had me at  17.38 miles so I for sure have a horrible stride and/or dodge a LOT of puddles along the way. Regardless a full day of steps before noon!


I figured all that running the the awful weather earned me some after run treats. Chocolate milk for the nutrional value, a donut, and a shock top. Totally deserved and normal combinations right?

For real look at how soaking wet my feet were! Yuck

I also threw in a nice warm cozy bath with some awesome Arbonne products to help warm me up and work out at least some of the soreness that I knew was for sure headed my way later that day.

Overall my time was nothing to get excited about or brag about but hey I finished another half marathon in very less than stellar weather.

Official race time was 2.27.52 which was an 11.18 mile pace. For sure slow as a turle for most true runners but not as horrible as I expcted considered my lack of training. One of these days I need to really train for a race again and try for a respectable time :)

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