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03 December 2010

To Wallpaper or Not?

There was a time I swore I would never ever consider wallpaper. During this time I was knee deep in the tedious task of removing layer upon layer of nasty wallpaper from my current home. Those memories have faded and I have already broken the rule by wallpapering my kitchen.

It has been a hit (with most, a few people stated it made them dizzy??). I am now considering wallpaper for our cabin dining room.

The room needs a little character – paint alone isn’t going to do the trick. I stumbled upon grass cloth wallpaper via the Southern Exposure blog a few weeks ago.

Photo by Suzanne Kasler

Photos by Marshall Watson
I think this is just what the dining room needs! Now I just need to find someone who can hang wallpaper in super small town Niobrara!

1 comment:

Jeanneoli said...

Grass cloth would look beautiful in there!