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06 December 2010

Cuddles with Aeisha

How spoiled are your pets? Turns out mine is pretty darn spoiled. My neighbor (who is a tough and very opinionated US Marshall) commented to me one day how amazing it is that smart people let their pets run them. This was not a general comment – it was most definitely directed towards my pet parenting skills as he knows Aeisha is the boss of me. What can I say I am a softie? Evidenced by the fact I originally planned to limit her to one or two rooms of the house and a small outdoor patio (in Kuwait) and made several statements that she most definitely would never be allowed in the bedroom, or even worse *shudder* in bed with me. These rules didn’t last long as she soon had run of all rooms of the house but the bedroom, then before I knew it she also was allowed in the bedroom, and of course you all know what comes next – she now sleeps with me in bed. Not only does she sleep in the bed, during the cold winter months she has to sleep partially under the covers in the crook of my arm like so:

Spoiled who? No wonder I am single!

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Mrs. French said...

How cute is this. Happy Belated Birthday!