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14 December 2010

German Christmas Week

I am going to have to spread out the Christmas market photos to prevent sensory overload! I’m starting with Munich – the beginning of our adventure. The city was quite large and bustling with the market in the city center amongst many neat buildings.

The architecture always has me hooked when traveling as so much history and intricacy.

There were many many fun things to purchase

And even more yummy things to eat and drink

I had my first Gluhwein and it was quite tasty.

For those not familiar it is mulled wine very popular in Germany during the winter season

And I bought a fun German hat. Looks like I need to find a fun Oktoberfest Celebration next year!

And just enjoyed the Christmas festivities.

Great three days spent shopping, indulging, and laughing with my mom!

More photos to come....

1 comment:

Teresa said...

Wow Melissa! Such beautiful photos. I love the gorgeous buildings and the snow is so pretty. What a fun trip!
Have a very Merry Christmas!