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04 November 2009

Speaking of Miley Cyrus

I may have went to the Miley concert when it was in Omaha about a month ago…. I fully realize I am opening myself up to ridicule by admitting this! It was right after the primary and we found awesome tickets last minute. A fun way to relieve a little stress and celebrate the small victory. Luckily my brother is a trooper and agreed to be drug along.

Can you feel his excitement? Who wouldn’t be excited!! We were a bit out of place – moms/kids, dads/kids, us…..

Her half brother opened the concert and he was sorta scary. Especially when you took into account the demographics of the concert.

Miley did not disappoint though. The concert was soooo much fun, great special effects, and a great performance by Miley.

There were guys climbing the walls for one song.

And Miley rode a Harley above the crowds in another.

Of course the screaming teeny boppers were classic. Check out all their glow sticks in action.

A great relaxing night for Justin and I and she ended the concert with my favorite song “The Climb”.

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