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13 November 2009

Weekend Plans

I wish! Really they involve turning this messy and crazy space into a dressing room (it was once my kitchen as my house used to be an apartment for my grandparents and an apartment for me) on a budget. Yes I am responsible for the crazy color combination. I loved yellow for a bit…

Painting this cabinet black and coming up with an organization plan for Aeisha’s goodies and random office supplies.

Getting rid of all the yellow in the sun room (regardless of my love of yellow this was never my idea. I hired a painter for the outside and he finished this room. Not sure why he didnt paint the trim white).

And a few other small but necessary home projects. The home was neglected for many months and the holidays are quickly approaching. I am hoping for weather warm enough to open the windows without a $1,000+ heat bill…

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X-Country2 said...

Looks like tons of potential. Good luck!