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06 November 2009

My Birthday Month

Yes I said birthday month. I like to celebrate my birthday all month long. I am spoiled like that – or just strange. Last year I lived here and turned 30.

So the celebration options were very limited in country but the travel options were exotic, fun, and exciting. Since it was a big milestone birthday I felt pressure to celebrate it properly. First I went here:

For a fun filled long weekend. There may have been a $125+ per person champagne brunch in the mix among other opulent adventures. I also interviewed for my current job while there so it must have been a lucky place. Next I went here:

For an even longer holiday to celebrate Thanksgiving and my actual Birthday. It was sooo much fun. Great group of friends, lots and lots of shopping, sights that were amazing, and a bit of Raki was consumed. (Sorry the photos aren’t that hot my camera was stolen so was using a back up cheapo). This year isn’t a milestone birthday but still feel the need for travel and birthday celebrations. I am kicking it off with a trip here this weekend:

A great group of my friends and family going so I know it will be a blast. Now I have to decide where to go for my actual birthday. I originally tried to pacify myself with a small trip here:

But just wasn’t feeling exotic or exciting enough. So now thinking here:

Or here:

If the choice is Canada does anyone have recommendations? Toronto, Montreal, Ontario, Vancouver BC?? I want relaxing, gorgeous scenery, quaint shops and cafes. Please help with pointers or recommendations. Or should I go with Chicago?


Kansas Sity Sinic said...

It's my birthday month too!!!

vez said...

Hello from Canada.

Toronto is a great city to visit and could be compared with New York and Chicago. There is some great architecture (look up Toronto victorian houses, Casa Loma), museums, and it is a very multicultural city, so there is a wide variety of authentic ethnic food (Little Italy, Little India, Greektown, and dozens more). Toronto is also great if you want to stay in a downtown hotel, take transit/subway to sites, etc ... take an "urban vacation".

Vancouver is the most beautiful of the big cities in Canada. I don't know much about Downtown Vancouver these days, but the surrounding mountains and ocean are just gorgeous. There are any number of outdoor activities available, including a trip to Whistler. Just be ready for rain as Vancouver tends to get quite a bit of it.

I love Quebec City and Montreal, but don't have as many insights as I've never lived in either city. Quebec City is the closest you can come to a European city in North America. It is very much a francophone city, has some very interesting historical sites, and is just a nice city to walk around and visit cafes (and eat crepes!). Montreal has some similarities to Quebec City, but is a little bit easier to get around as the city is more bilingual.

Hope you make it up to the great white north! We'll try to get some snow ready for ya. :-)

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Month Sinic! I am sure you will celebrate in style.

Vez thank you so much for the Canada tips! Really helps me narrow down the choices, although all sound amazing. I am leaning towards Toronto or Quebec.

Anonymous said...

You can't go wrong in any Canadian city, and they each have their own charms. From Council Bluffs, you should try the easy trip due north to Winnipeg - especially during Folklorama in the summer. Gorgeous scenery is in the eye of the beholder, but there are some truly picturesque areas (Assiniboine Park, for one). It is very multicultural, and you can find world class cafes and restaurants in every cuisine.

After Winnipeg, you will find other Canadian cities similarly friendly, but they will mostly just be closer to a larger body of water (ocean, Great Lake, and so on).

Take care, eh!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the extra suggestions. Anything that is easy to get to is a bonus as more time to explore instead of travel time.