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14 November 2008

Birthday's and Dubai

Since it’s my birthday month and a milestone birthday I decided to celebrate with a few trips. The first Dubai trip ended up not working out due to schedule issues. However next week I am definitely jetting off to Dubai and over Thanksgiving/My Birthday I’ll be in Turkey. In anticipation I thought I would share a few photos from Dubai. My awesome parents bought my little brother Justin a ticket to Kuwait for his 25th Birthday last May and he flew over to spend a week with me. I treated him to a weekend in Dubai on his actual 25th. We had an amazing time!! Justin, bless his heart, just had surgery yesterday to repair a torn tendon so he needs your prayers and thoughts for a full recovery and patience during this time of healing.
Justin and I at the beach in Dubai near our hotel.

The view from the hotel club level where we had free cocktails (at breakfast and dinner), snacks, and breakfast. You can see The Palms which are man made islands that now house very expensive homes. You can also see the mass amount of construction going on in Dubai. Everywhere you turn there is more construction. They are obviously not experiencing the same weak economy as the rest of us.

Buddha Bar where we ate the first night. The place was packed and we couldn’t even get dinner reservations until almost 11! The food was amazing though and we had a lot of fun. They almost didn’t let us in as Justin had sandals on – the audacity of him. These were dressy sandals, not flip flops.

The Burj Al Arab the world’s only seven star hotel. It was amazing. Not sure I would pay AED5600 ($1524) a night to stay there (that is the cheapest room) but still an amazing hotel. We went for High Tea as they won’t even let you in the place without reservations of some sort. Justin was ready to be ill after the amount of sugar that was consumed at high tea but we had fun.

Justin’s Birthday surprise from the hotel (more sugar) and wine.

Ski Dubai on Justin’s birthday. We went too late to ski as we thought it would cost a fortune but in reality it wasn’t too expensive. Oh well I am an awful skier anyway. So instead we hit the bars overlooking the slopes and eventually met some locals.

Hours later here we are at some random bar at like 3am. Sorry Mom we weren’t the most responsible children on this trip as we felt it was a grand idea to get into a care with two Iranians, an Indian, and a Russian and ride about Dubai hitting different bars and eventually dinner/breakfast. We survived, had a great time, and have great memories. We rolled into the hotel around 530am only to leave a few hours later.


JOCOeveryman said...

Many of your favorite blogs you have listed are bridal themed.....is there a reason for that?

Are you parenting meeting you for your birthday? 30? That's a pretty big one. Hardly a kid anymore.

Happy Birthday.

JOCOeveryman said...

In proofreading (after the fact) maybe I should try again.....

Are your parents meeting you for your birthday??