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18 November 2008

New hair

At home I always get my hair cut and fixed on my birthday. However I decided to go in a bit early this year so it would be all cute for Dubai, Turkey, and the visit of the HS BF. I desperately needed it! My stylist is Scottish and she does an amazing job – I will miss her when I leave but won’t miss the KD57 ($200+) price tag. Although the salon does overlook the water and they bring you diet coke & cookies while waiting. I wish I would have taken photos – it’s very cool (that probably would have been a bit nerdy). Most stylists British so I am able to get my fix of the UK version of InStyle, Cosmo, etc… Always makes me wish I lived in London.

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yeningtawangonolintang said...

Hi! The cut looks good on u ;)