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23 November 2008


Dubai was amazing as usual, too short but great. However some jerk at the airport stole my camera out of my suitcase so now I can’t post any of the photos I took. Makes me soooo mad. I would have rather they stolen some of the other valuable items out of my suitcase than my camera any day. Plus I am now without a camera for the Turkey trip on Wednesday.

Anyway I almost missed my flight out of Kuwait as I had a meeting that ran late, there was an accident so traffic was bad, and then the airport itself was a madhouse. I walked onto the plane 2 minutes before take off and was one of the last to board. Anywhere but here I would have missed it. I did get to chat with the cutest British guy ever while waiting (as he too was late). He was mega cute and the British thing obviously made him even better. But he was married so a no go on that one. Bummer.

Thursday night was the opening of the new Atlantis in Dubai so the place was pretty packed. We asked our hotel for a bar/club recommendation and they directed us to a club at the Hyatt. It was a night club and could have been cool however it was quite shady. For lack of a better term there were “ladies for hire” lined up around the entire dance floor and every square inch of the place. I knew Dubai had a lot of this but had yet to witness it in this extreme. It was crazy.

Friday we were slightly under the weather due to the late night and the red bull and vodka consumption that may have occurred. Brunch seemed to be the best option. After the hotel’s failed recommendation the night before I was leery to take their suggestion for brunch (the mall across the street) and called up my good friend Steve who lives in Dubai. He directed us to the Fairmont and their "Brunch in the city" and it was amazing. It was an all you can drink champagne brunch. It was AED500 ($137) per person but what the heck, not like I am in Dubai every weekend. The food was amazing and there was everything you could possibly want. On top of that you had as much champagne as you wanted and any other cocktail. The drinks were plentiful. They even had a room that was a cheese and port room. The dessert buffet was massive. We had a great time and stayed for the full 4 hours as did everyone else there. The place was very lively around 2ish. Just such a cool concept and fun thing to do. Although after that a nap was needed to prepare for the big interview.

I think I did great on the interview. They had 24 candidates and interviewed 4 of us. I think I was the last to get interviewed. I had solid answers for the questions and afterwards they told me a lot about what I would do, how much I would make, etc..., and seemed very positive. You never know and I am sure the others did great as well. I am hoping to hear something this week and hopefully it is a job offer! Back in Kuwait now but only for a few days.

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