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25 November 2008


No matter where we are we always have fun together and always seem to reconnect right where we left off. He is one of the few people I can go on a vacation with and still like afterwards. Jeff and I were supposed to road trip from Kileen, Texas to Council Bluffs, Iowa this week in preparation of him leaving for Iraq (since I should have been home by now). Instead he left for Iraq early and I am coming home later than planned. At least we were still able hang out for a few days. Even if it was in Kuwait, and a good portion of it was spent at Ali Al Salem Air Base.

We debated for several hours Sunday the risks of him “missing” his evening flight, letting me kidnap him, and sneak him off post. I wanted him to see what Kuwait really looked like, where I lived, and meet Aeisha. Eventually he gave in and agreed (honestly it didn’t take much convincing!). Only later did he admit that he was quite worried at times. He was afraid he wouldn’t be let back on post as didn’t have the right paperwork, would therefore miss his flight, and loose his job. Funny guy where is his faith in my ability to sneak people on and off post! I figure it’s payback for all the times he convinced me to do bad things in my high school and early college days (sorry Mom & Dad!).

One of these days we’ll end up in the same location for more than a week at a time…..Even if it does end up being a war zone.

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