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01 December 2008

No longer in my 20's....

I am 30! Hard to believe at times and still seems funny to think I am no longer in my 20’s but 30. Had you asked me 5 or 10 years ago where I would be when I was 30 I would have never guessed I would be in a foreign country working, have traveled the world, and be unmarried. I remember being really young and saying that I didn’t need to get married and instead wanted to be a professional/career women. Then in college I though I wanted to find a rich husband and become a mom and volunteer. Live the good life. My friends and I saw others in their late 20’s that were unmarried and swore that would NEVER be us! I am now an attorney and have proven to myself that I can make it on my own, and enjoy an amazing life. I would have never predicted that I would live in different countries and travel the world. But now I can’t imagine life any other way. It gets in your blood. Council Bluffs is always home and I will settle down there. I will now always have the zest and desire for world travel. I know that there is so much out there to see and experience. As for the married with children part that is still up in the air. The limit is one child and still a prospect but the older I get the less likely it seems. I know I am not willing to settle just to be married and fit the mold. So even though the point I am at in my life isn’t where I had predicted I am extremely happy and would not change a thing. So bring on the 30’s!!

Istanbul was wonderful. The weather was awful most of the time, cold and rainy. It was very European and had amazing architecture. I wanted more photos but the weather just didn’t cooperate. Also I had to use a bad camera since my good one was stolen. Rick took photos as well so I’ll get his and upload as soon as I can. Wanted to provide at least a few teaser photos for all though. Then I’ll do a day by day playback so I can truly share all the wonderful experiences we had there.

On a more somber note my prayers go out to all of those injured or killed, and their families, in India last week. I remember waking up in Turkey on my birthday and watching the news at the gym. It was a surreal feeling as I had debated back and forth over going to India or Turkey for my birthday. India was actually my first choice but we ended up going the Turkey route as easier to get a visa. The Taj was the hotel I had wanted to stay at in India. Terrorism and acts of violence shouldn’t make us afraid to live life or stop traveling. As that is what terrorists are aiming for – to make us so afraid that we can’t enjoy life. Just last year around this time was the shooting in Von Maur in Omaha, Nebraska of all places. So you truly can not prepare or prevent violence, instead we must enjoy life to the fullest. I still hope to visit India one day and have no doubt that Mumbai will be restored back to its amazing self in no time.

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