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20 December 2008


Many of the laws, rules, and regulations in Kuwait I do not agree with. Many are based on strict Muslim religious beliefs. Alcohol is banned, showing too much skin is illegal (although to a certain extent this is a good thing), during Ramadan no one can eat or drink during the fasting period in public, etc….However occasionally something makes total sense and I wonder why we don’t do the same in the US. As I was driving into work today after a run on Gulf Road I came upon this.

If you look closer you can see the police cars and police men out at all the different cars (although of course there were several just standing around). They were checking the passengers of each car to determine if they were legally in Kuwait. You have to show either your civil ID, your passport with current and valid Visa, or in my case a CAC card. If you don’t have a valid ID you are arrested and deported.

Simple as that, set up checkpoints randomly and we could completely eliminate all illegal immigrants that are currently residing in the US.

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