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10 December 2008

Hayam Al Bar (Desert Camping)

Another custom here in Kuwait during the “winter” months (if you can call mid 20 C everyday winter) is to camp in the desert. Tents are set up in the desert – which is essentially just right outside the city of Kuwait. I pass these camps on the way to the various Military bases. It is amazing the sheer number, overnight it goes from bare desert to totaly full of tents.

Camping is not high on my list of favorite past times, but camping in the dry desert amidst the sand, power lines, and oil refineries is even less appealing. Although some of these tents are very pimped out on the inside. We are talking real working bathrooms, large flat screen tv’s and surround systems fully powered through generators, Persian carpets, the works. On the weekends the desert is lit up with lights and activity. Everyone has ATVs, soccer or volleyball fields are set up, food is prepared and consumed, shisha is smoked.

Another odd concept is you are right next to the interstate – nothing like 24/7 heavy traffic noise to add to the dessert camping ambience.

I wont be camping anytime soon (I did have the opportunity to visit a few last year) but would like a tent (the black and white striped variety) to bring home for parties. The black and white ones are made from Camel hair and quite nice.

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