I travel the world and am truly amazed with the sights, cultures, and people but in my eyes there is no place like home.


19 December 2008

Tomorrow night I go Home!!

Nothing beats home (even if it means snow and cold), the feeling of being in a safe place around people you love and whom love you. The familiarity and the day to day comforts we often take for granted. Especially during the holidays. I know how it feels to be stuck thousands of miles away from your friends and family in a war zone. It can be tough, very tough. I even found some old photos on my computer for your viewing enjoyment.

I realize how blessed and lucky I am to be able to travel home for Christmas this year as many can not. I almost skipped it as I am finished with Kuwait in a few months. It felt like a waste of money to buy a ticket. But then I thought back to last Christmas, this was the last time I saw my grandma before she passed away. Amazingly she was in great spirits and we had so much fun. I will always remember grandma that way instead of her being sick. Loosing both my grandmas and my grandpa in the last several years has been very hard. I now realize how important it is to live every day to the fullest, to cherish lives little moments, and to thank God for this amazing life and family I have.

But for those that can’t go home and who are risking their lives daily to protect the freedoms many of us take for granted say a prayer and keep them in your thoughts. This song has always made me think of coming home – it was even on the CD from the USO concert yesterday. I have absolutely no regrets about the lifestyle I have chosen, but at times it can get old and I want nothing more than to just be home.

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