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14 December 2008

Happy Birthday Ray!!!

Today’s is my dad’s Birthday (I call him Ray, always have not sure why) and the poor guy has to spend it alone as he is out of town working. I am obviously not home to celebrate so wanted to wish him a very happy birthday. Even though I am sure he will never in a million years look at this blog!! Things of this nature are just not of interest to him.

He is a wonderful dad and an amazing role model. He has greatly excelled in his career and life in general. Someone I can always look up to and hope to please. I have always wanted to make him proud, maybe if I get the USACE attorney job that will work. Hopefully that counts as a “real” job unlike my current position.

Have a great birthday dad and know that even though I may not tell you I love you all the time or spend as much time with you as mom you mean the world to me and everything you do for us does not go unnoticed.

* I had to include the "homeless man photo from Vieques, PR..."

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