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07 December 2008

Christmas spirit

Over the weekend I decorated for Christmas, I am hoping it puts me in the Christmas spirit. It doesn’t feel even slightly like Christmas. I spent yesterday laying out at the pool - no chance of snow here! Here in Kuwait Eid is celebrated (right now), as Christmas is a Christian not Muslim holiday. You don’t have pretty Christmas lights, holiday music, and parties. This morning at the Arifjan DFAC they had decorations up and Christmas music playing, so that was a nice surprise. Almost makes me want to go down there more often, almost being the key word.

My tree is without ornaments again this year as I don’t yet trust Aeisha to not tear them down.

I also made cookies to take to the office. I started with the easiest and most basic, Ritz crackers with peanut butter covered in almond bark. Whenever I make these they always remind me of my Grandma Van Every. She used to make them all the time. I think she liked the easy part as well! I’ll tackle a few more complicated varieties if I can find the right ingredients. That and maybe a Xmas movie should tide me over until I land in the good ol USofA on the 21st. Then Christmas will be in full swing, I so can not wait.

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