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05 December 2008

Third day in Turkey

We awoke to very cold weather but at least no rain the third day. This was one of our fullest days as far as activities. In the morning we headed to the fish market so we could glimpse all the fish as they came in fresh of the boats. It was smaller than the markets here in Kuwait but still really neat. There were cats galore in the area just waiting for fish – made me miss my little Aeisha! Of course all the scary fisherman wanted their photos with us. Then we walked across the street to a very quaint neighborhood with all the restaurants serving the fresh fish. There were a lot to choose one and the one we ate at was very tasty. Just a bit hard to enjoy the fish after you just saw it whole across the street. At least they removed the head before bringing to our table. After this we rushed back for a cruise down the Bosphorus River (photos will come next). Then we hit the local spice market. They had all kinds of interesting spices to include Turkish Viagra! They guy swore up and down it works like magic. We all passed on the Viagra but did get apple tea and a few others to bring home. That evening we went to a Turkish restaurant right near our hotel for Turkish night. You had dinner and all the local alcohol you could consume (beer, wine, or Raki) for a set price. So we all tried Raki which was quite harsh as you can tell from Toni’s expression.

There was live music all night and even though we didn’t have a clue what they were saying it was great and very entertaining. Towards the end of the night they also had folk dancers and belly dancers. I may have even ended up dancing with the folk dancers at one point – not sure if it was due to the Raki consumption or the fact the management stuck us front and center so I really had no choice when they drug me out. A very very fun day for sure!

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