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19 December 2008

USO CSM of the Army Concert

Last night was the annual USO CSM (Command Sergeant Major) of the Army concert. They held it in Zone 6 at Camp Arifjan. It was quite chilly out last night (Kuwait chilly as in around 5C, not so chilly for those of you in the midst of the IA/NE snowstorm) so I bundled up before the concert.

And required Starbucks to keep warm. Yes there is a Starbucks on Camp Arifjan for all the troops to enjoy along with a Starbucks on probably every corner in Kuwait City.

I usually don’t advantage of USO since I live and work off base but realized it is silly not to. It was a nice break from the monotony of work and Kuwait. For free I got to see three wonderful country singers – Craig Moran, Kenni Thomas, and Mark Wilis, the Army band, Miami cheerleaders, and LeAnn Tweeden. Plus I sat in the second row so you couldn’t get much closer! It was an amazing concert cold and all.

So nice of these performers to take time away from tours that generate income and thier families during the holidays to entertain the troops! They head to Iraq next. The cheerleaders came out a few times and the last set they had on the cutest Holiday outfits ever. If only I was a size 2!!!

Kenni Thomas is probably the lesser known of the performers but is amazing. I met him here last year at our CSM’s home when I had stopped by for a work meeting. He is a very nice guy and super cool. He is ex Special Forces in the Army.

Mark Wilis is obviously quite popular if you are a country fan.

And my favorite of the evening was definitely Craig Morgan, who is also ex Army. He was very fun and upbeat and his songs were great as well. Plus he was mega hot!! I may just have a crush on Craig Morgan at the moment.

After the concert was a big meet and greet and I am kicking myself for not going and getting photos with Craig Morgan but it was just so cold and I felt nerdy so we left. They did give out free CD’s though – so thanks USO and thanks to everyone who supports the USO.

Again sorry for the bad photos – sure hoping Santa, Mrs. Claus more likely, brings me a new camera for Christmas.

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