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14 December 2008

Camel Racing

Yesterday we went to the Kuwait Camel Racing Club. It was so much fun. There is a small clubhouse for observation. There were definitely a lot of men in Dishdasha’s (the local attire consisting of the headscarf and “man-dress”). Good thing we went with a large group.

They let us walk out right next to the track for observation as well.

They no longer use Jockeys on the camels. In the past very little children (as young as 4) were used as Jockeys and this was obviously considered inhumane. So now robotic jockeys ride the camels – they are hilarious.

The jockeys are remote controlled so a vehicle follows each camel around the track with the remote. I would think they would all crash as it looks like sheer madness. Quite entertaining though.

In Kuwait betting is illegal but something tells me there was a lot of under the table betting going on. They did give out an award to the winning camel owner at the end.

In between one of the races a man took us to view the camels – I am sure he thought we were crazy American’s who would be excited over this, and he was correct. The poor camels definitely looked worse for the wear. They were all scarred up and some were foaming at the mouth. Quite sad honestly.

Here they are prepping the camels for the next race.

They kept trying to get me to ride a camel but none of them looked very happy at this prospect so I passed.

I did get to pose with one of the robotic jockeys.

And at the end a portion of our group posed with one of the winning camels. Fun times for sure!

I think they keep the camels out in the desert near the Racing Club as at the end you saw the handlers walking them home, not a trailer in site…

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