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19 November 2008

Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait Towers are one of two main Kuwait Landmarks or “touristy” spots. With the other being the Grand Mosque that I must sheepishly admit I have not been to yet. They are actually quite cool and when you ride the elevator to the very top (120 some floors up) you can see out over all of Kuwait and it is very pretty. The sad thing is they just don’t keep them up very well. The windows are very very dusty so you can’t get good photos or see out very well (as you can tell in most of these photos).

You would think with all the money this country has they could at least keep the Towers in pristine condition. There is a restaurant on the 80ish floor that is pretty nice – it’s a buffet though and quite pricey but was cool to experience once. These Towers were destroyed during the Iraq invasion and they have photos up showing what the “barbaric invaders” did when they were here. For some reason that term makes me laugh. Although obviously not a laughing matter during the invasion.

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