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13 November 2009

Decking the Halls

Because I am crazy, or a glutton for punishment, I volunteered to participate in not one but two holiday home tours. Therefore I must decorate for Christmas, and ensure it is done over the top (without being tacky) enough to be worthy of the admission fee people pay. Granted all proceeds go to charity but still don’t want to have disappointed viewers. I have been browsing magazines like mad to decide on an overall “theme” for lack of a better word. I have decided to go with glamour and glitz and use silver, gold, white, ivory, and ice blue throughout the home for a uniform look.

Yesterday my mom, Kelly (Riverside Grille owner - also on the holiday tour), Nancy (Olive Branch owner), and I traveled to Atchison, Kansas. Home of Nell Hill's and a few other neat shops.

Isn’t the town lovely. It amazes me how a few shops in this small town have become a must visit for all in the Midwest. I was told over 90% of the business for the shops come from at least 100 miles away. Amazing. The owner, Mary Carol Garrity, was present when we shopped. She was very nice and even offered to help me decorate if I brought in room photos after I commented about being overwhelmed. I left with all kinds of loot.

And more importantly a lot of inspiration. Using my color scheme and my own personal variations I would like to recreate this mantle for downstairs dinning room.

This display for the doorway (that has a sliding pocket door) between my dinning and living room.

This cool idea for the upstairs hallway over the door leading into my bedroom.

Something along these lines in my bedroom.

I didn’t get the crown as have a ceiling fan (ugly I know but so much better for summer slumber). Really want the crown though!! The following arrangements for my porch and outdoor planters.

And these name card holders to grace my Christmas dinning table.

A very inspiring store with goodies galore. A few other cute stores in the area as well. One even had clothes, jewelry, and other fun accessories. A fun but tiring day. Need a few more shopping trips then its time to get to work! Some on the tour already have their homes decorated and ready....


Anonymous said...

AHHH I love Nell Hills!!!!!!!!! I miss it so much now that my family no longer lives in KC. :( It used to be a regular every-visit-to-KC event. Mary Carol is the best and has such fabulous taste and ideas! I want to go back!!! You must check out her store at Briarcliff (north KC) too!

Melissa said...

Isnt' it funny how a certain store just has that charm. I just read that she has a store in north KC. I will check that one out for sure as my guess is that it is larger.