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24 November 2009

Christmas for my porch.

I finally bought a mailbox. No clue why it took so long. My current mailbox situation may be slightly flawed.

Classy eh? Even the new mailman was giving me a hard time. Embarrassing. I found a cool mailbox in Germany but for some reason didn’t purchase it. Luckily last time I was in KC I stopped into Restoration Hardware and found the perfect one (for me anyway). I ordered this mailbox.

These house numbers.

And this doorbell cover (as mine is plastic and yellowish – ewwww).

I love arriving home to boxes as it feels like Christmas or my Birthday (which is Friday in case anyone wants to buy me a present). Now I just need my handy brother or dad to help me hang/install each item and remove the horrid aluminum/screen door. Not sure what do do - go with no screen door or try to find a wood one?


paula said...

love what you picked! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Lavender and Lilies said...

I like those items. No screen door is my vote.

Melissa said...

Thanks! I am going with no screen door for now. We'll see how it works.