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10 November 2009

Las Vegas Recap

Vegas was a very quick but fun getaway. A much needed chance to unwind after the stress of the election. A few things I learned:
1. Don’t go to Vegas this late in the year; it isn’t warm enough for the pool.
2. Leaving Friday afternoon and returning Sunday afternoon makes for one very short trip. If it requires a flight best to leave early Friday.
3. Group trips are a blast but also a lot of work.
4. Don’t leave shopping until the last minute. I really wanted a black/white photo. Due to time constraints figured airport shop would have – no such luck.
5. Always err on the side of taking too many photos. (I need to learn how to use Apple version of photoshop)

We stayed at Caesar’s. Pools were partially closed due to weather and only one day was nice enough to sunbathe. Bummer.

Friday night we all took a limo to Hard Rock and ate at Nobu (or Pink Taco for the non sushi fans).

Nobu was yummy but Blue in Omaha is better. Next we hit PURE and PCD as we had free VIP admission.

A bit disappointed we never made it on the rooftop patio (it was roped off?) so just your typical nightclub.Probably better at the Seahorse where we started the night.

Saturday I managed a bit of pool time

Then our group had an early dinner at Prime (Bellagio).

Awesome food, awesome views, first class service. And a little gambling.

Cole and I also made it to Jubilee at Bally’s. Amazing show with top notch performers and sets. Very glad we went. Sunday was low key. Too cold for the pool. Did squeeze in a bit of Tiffany shopping (always dangerous). Overall a great trip with friends and family. Now time to plan the big Birthday Trip!

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JOCOeveryman said...

Looks like a pretty awesome trip. Lots of beautiful people in those pictures. Thanks for sharing.