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20 November 2009

I often crave relaxation, peace, and solitude

I have already expressed my love for this tiny little town and farmland.

My family loves it there and we really want to build a new cabin. Just not in the cards at the moment, mainly due to logistics (lack of time, hard finding solid labor in a town of 400). I have proposed a mobile home as a temporary solution. Many turned up their nose at the idea. I am a firm believer that anyplace can be made beautiful and homey with a little work and creativity (shoot I lived in a shipping connex for over a year!). Yesterday I stumbled across the Frugal Farmhouse Design blog and found these gorgeous photos.

Believe it or not these rooms are inside a mobile home!

Proof that we could have the perfect little getaway for very little money, virtually no headaches, and a small amount of time. I think I may start searching for a mobile home.

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