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19 November 2009

Council Bluffs City Council Election Night

I finally have photos from election night – thanks Aunt Debbie! Looking at photos today brought back a mixture of memories. I remember how fast I wanted the day to go. All day I was antsy for 8 so we could get results. As 8 drew near I got more and more nervous. Justin and I went to vote late afternoon and hit the Y to relieve stress.

Then a big group of awesome supporters stopped over for lasagna to pass the time.

It was great being surrounded by friends and family to help ease the election stress.

Around 830 we headed to the courthouse for the results. It’s funny as once 8 actually rolled around I suddenly wanted to turn back time. I wasn’t ready for the results as was extremely worried about the outcome. So much time had been vested (mine and many others) and I was very excited about the possibility of a city council position that losing would have been very hard. I tried to prepare myself and remind myself that it wouldn’t matter and it was a wonderful experience either way. It didn’t work. The courthouse was packed.

It took a little over an hour for the results to come in. They rolled in precinct by precinct, slowly at first.

Then all a sudden in a matter of minutes the final six precincts came in and it was over. Results were posted.

I WON!! I was so excited, surprised, and overwhelmed. I never expected to come in first and especially not by so many votes. A great feeling for sure and a chance to finally relax, breathe, and enjoy all the congrats I was receiving (along with advice).

A great evening full of anticipation, stress, excitement, and joy. Now the hard work begins!! Thanks again to everyone that supported me and will hopefully continue to support me throughout my term.

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