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04 September 2009

What did you do in Niobrara??

Seems to be the popular question as many can’t fathom what we did all weekend in small town Nebraska. Believe it or not we were quite busy and had a great time! Saturday we tried to hit up the local farmers market with high hopes of amazing choices since many farms in the area. No dice – guess they must take their goods to larger cities. We did drive about 10 minutes to nearby Verdigre.

A super cute small town with a bit more character than Niobrara as it didn’t suffer the flooding and three moves that Niobrara had to endure. Mainly we went to Verdigree for this bakery.

The Verdigre Bakery – amazing pastries, kolaches, and bread. They actually come to the Omaha Farmer’s Market every week. Then we headed out to my parents land to explore and have a fun picnic

With the cows

We climbed over/under a few fences

And jumped on the hay bales. This was a must for me as I remember how much fun we had as kids – oddly enough they seemed much smaller now…

The highlight of Saturday may have been the four wheeler!

As you can tell Cole was very excited about this off road adventure. Scott Swanson (Family owns Swanson Pheasant Farm for any hunters out there) farms and grazes his cattle on my parents land so left us his four wheeler for the day. Gotta love the small town values and hospitality.

After all of this adventure we headed back to the park and went on a super long hike. The trails were amazing as were the views.

Even found a few feathers.

Really no trip to Niobrara would be complete without a visit to the Two Rivers Saloon and Restaurant (my parents and I contemplating purchasing this joint several years ago).

The food was excellent and the drinks were super cheap! Plus who doesn’t like to dine amongst guns, stuffed animal heads, and bones.

Life was good in small town Nebraska! (We also visited the Elk and Bison Farm but due to the mass amount of photos that will be a post of its own)

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