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21 September 2009

Omaha Corporate Cup 2009

Yesterday I ran in the 2009 Corporate Cup. Another great opportunity to combine fitness, friendship, and fundraising. My crew (we ran with the USACE team but wore campaign shirts).

Our Shirts said “HEAD for Success in CB” on the front and “HEAD Council Bluffs City Council” on the back.

I couldn’t believe the number of participants! I guess there were over 12,000 people downtown for the event! It was madness. We spent the first 2 miles weaving in and out of other runners, walkers, and strollers. Look at these crowds! (and this was near the back of the pack).

My sister in law Christine very graciously ran with me (she is much much speedier than I) and we finished with a time of about 57 minutes for the 10k. I would have liked to have been under 55 minutes but didn’t happen.

After race shots looking nice and sweaty.

Erik and Cole who cheered everyone on from the sidelines (Cole actually ran the 2 miler first – congrats Cole!). Erik said watching all the runners work so hard made him tired. Nice one.

A final sweaty group shot minus Tia who we lost in the crowd for a bit.

I love races – always a sense of excitement in the air. The coolest thing about the casual/family races such as this are how many parents have their children out exercising with them. Such a positive example and lifestyle for these kids. Next week is the Omaha 10K/Half/Full marathon. I really want to do the half but have a Black Tie Fundraiser the night before so leaning towards running the 10k.

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