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16 September 2009

Need input on Family Photo

Primaries are quickly approaching and I need a pamphlet to mail out. Luckily Sunday we finally had a small window of opportunity to take a few family photos. I need help choosing which one makes the cut and propels my family members to fame. Ok maybe not fame but widespread recognition if we are lucky. I think the following three are great.

For those curious the Black Squirrel is a big deal in Council Bluffs so has symbolic importance(we are also using it on a few campaign items)

This photo and the next are in front of the fountain in Bayliss park and the historic area of Council Bluffs.

Which photo should I use? Please vote. Thanks!


Michele and John said...

Not sure where to vote...but I like the first one!

Melissa said...

Thanks Michelle! So far that seems to be the favorite of most. Everyone can just leave a comment to vote.

Courtney said...

I would say the first one as well!

Kansas Sity Sinic said...

The first one is my pick as well!