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01 September 2009

Niobrara State Park

We stayed two nights in a two bedroom cabin at the Niobrara State Park. I love state parks. The settings are always amazing.

The rates are very affordable and you have a small cabin where you can cook and relax unlike a hotel room. We even had a cute screen porch

That overlooked the Missouri River.

The cabin itself is very no frills and basic but clean.

We have a cabin of our own in Niobrara. But several years ago we had issues with the water and everyone was at an age where going there on a regular basis was not feasible (think elderly grandparents and middle/high school kids with lots of activities) so we just quit going.

The current state of the cabin is disrepair. I had high hopes up until this weekend that we could still fix it up. I have now come to the realization that it isn’t going to happen. Here is a sneak peak of what the inside currently looks like. The living room and kitchen/dinning room.

My parent’s bedroom.

My grandparent’s bedroom.

My bedroom (yes I had my own bedroom and my brothers had to sleep in the living room – spoiled?? Not me).

And the bathroom.

I would have cried walking through this house had I been there alone. Was just disheartening to see a place where so many wonderful memories were created to be in total shambles. I still get a little sad looking at these photos and thinking about it. I miss the cabin and I miss my grandparents. Luckily I had a fun travel partner ready to explore the great outdoors so the sadness was short lived.

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