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01 September 2010

Revisiting Niobrara State Park

My sister-in-law had never been to the state park – it’s such a gorgeous park and rarely crowded which is even better! We stopped at Lookout Point to take in the gorgeous views, participate in a few family portraits.

And read all about the history of Lewis and Clark and the Indians in the area.

Quite fascinating really. Then I convinced the crew that just a SHORT walk down the hill was a neat railroad bridge converted to a pedestrian bridge.

Turns out it was far from a short walk. Many many stairs later we were abele to glimpse the water.

Then the bridge.

Such a gorgeous spot to check out the Missouri and Niobrara Rivers – great use of an old railroad bridge.

Even caught a few glimpses of deer and hawks.

Niobrara State Park is definitely worth a visit.

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Lissa said...

what a beautiful day for a walk in a pretty place!