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31 August 2010

A Mini Farm

I want to live on a farm, grow veggies, raise cattle, ride horses….Someday that is. I also want a fun retirement home that I could use as a rental in the meantime. I stumbled upon this gem a few weeks ago.

Its actually located in the city of Verdel – population 58 – about 15 miles from Niobrara. It sits on about 16 acres. Has a red barn which is a must (hello pig roast and barn dance!).

Gravel roads occupied mainly by tractors.

The interior is small and filled with character.

And also in need of some major renovations as you can clearly see.

I can picture myself enjoying relaxing weekends here, hunters setting up camp during hunt season, a garden in the yard, clothes on the clothesline, and cattle…

Well seems the neighbors cattle already enjoy the yard. Just waiting to hear if the owner is willing to part with the entire parcel (the home is available for sale if you are willing to relocate it) at a reasonable price.

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