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03 September 2010

Unexpected Longing for the Middle East

Occasionally the oddest things will induce a feeling of homesickness –obviously not for my true home (Council Bluffs) as I am blessed to live here now. Instead homesick for the Middle East – my home for four+ years. Last night I decided on a quick dinner of fancied up Ramen Noodles (classy eh) and happened upon this package:

Obviously brought back as part of my HHG from Kuwait. The Arabic writing and memories of making noodles in this lovely adobe in Kuwait came flashing back.

I felt slight pangs for that life, that country, that adventure. And of course I wondered if I would someday have a chance to live in a foreign country again and experience the cultures of those so different from ours in the US. A huge part of me still longs for it….(Sorry mom and dad!)


Jesse said...

What an experience I bet it was. Memories you will have forever. =)

Lissa said...

my husband has has to spend a lot of time in dubai with his work. I wonder if he would like this meal?

Jeanneoli said...

I can understand that...especially after living there for so long.

Melissa said...

Lissa how lucky for your husband. I always loved Dubai and had so much fun there whenever I could sneak away for the weekend. The noodles truly are just the Arabic version of Ramen so nothing special.