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09 September 2010

Dragging out Summer’s Bounty

Summer is quickly ending…Sadness. In an effort to drag it out as long as possible I decided to harvest carrots from my garden. Turns out they are a heirloom variety and a gorgeous mixture of colors.

Some were monsters not suitable for eating. Even Aeisha was interested.

I whipped up this very tasty farmhouse carrot dish courtesy of Sprouted Kitchen.

Delicious. Turkey, cranberry, and brie burgers also via a recipe from the Sprouted Kitchen blog.

Also quite tasty.

The meal was a complete success (as was the wine). It was fun to have my family over and experiment with new recipes to step outside my cooking comfort level (baby steps right?).


Jason | These Roving Eyes | said...

WOWZAH! Delicious! Those beautiful carrots are huuuuge!

Lissa said...

those heirloom carrots are almost to beautiful to eat! they're awesome! love the zinnias too!